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A team effort

Stretching across Tiri Tiri Matangi, Whangaparoa, Dairy Flat, Paremoremo and the Waitakere Ranges, the Sustainable Paremoremo is on a restoration and conservation mission. Called the Northwest Wild Link, the goal is to improve water quality and encourage birdlife to home in the area once again, which they hope to achieve through the planting! 

The group has a registry with 200 lifestyle and residential owners listed. Two arborists aid landowners with their planting. The group also runs an active pest control programme, workshops are regularly held to teach community members while traps and baits are provided by residents in the area. Sustainable Paremoremo realises for this restoration to be most successful, it needs to be a community effort. 

2019 has been a busy year for Sustainable Paremoremo. 3000 trees were donated via Trees That Count’s marketplace, which were then distributed amongst and planted by landowners. The natives were sourced from Scrub Growers and the community were astounded by the quality of the trees. The next planting effort for the year was at the Sanders Reserve. 2000 trees again from Trees That Count’s marketplace were put into the ground by community members. With three more plantings planned for the reserve, thanks to the Council’s support, the area will be flushed with natives. A local school, Chinese environment group and another local community group will be assisting with getting these trees in the ground! John Smith from the group relayed the community is “quite progressive and people are keen to progress the restoration of the area”, which is evident from the amount of planting completed this year! 

Sustainable Paremoremo’s ongoing goal is to continue “to encourage landowners to fence off and plant more of their properties”. They realise the need for community buy in and how a social framework needs to be created for this conservation to be ongoing. Trees That Count are proud to support such a passionate community group and are excited to see them achieve their goal.