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Northland family's commitment to local restoration

Located in the far North of New Zealand, the Paul family own a beautiful 25 acre lifestyle block in the Kaipara region. On the land the Pauls practise organic permaculture, which focuses on using waste and natural inputs to create nutrient dense soil.

The family are eager to grow their native forest. The Pauls are wanting to plant on the riparian borders and develop the wetlands of their property, with hope this will attract wildlife back to the area.

Over the past 3.5 years the family’s goal has been land regeneration. Seedlings from a range of native species have been planted on their land and this is just the beginning. The Pauls will continue to undertake restoration with the aim to create a diverse ecosystem.

Through Trees That Count, with help from a combination of funders, the family has secured 400 trees to plant. This support will allow the Pauls to significantly increase the footprint of their native forest.

The Pauls are involved with local community groups and have a passion for educating future generations about caring for the environment. With another child on the way this belief is only strengthening, and using their property as a means of sharing with others the beauty of nature, is a dream for the family.