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Families creating 100 acres of wilderness in Russell

Te Pahii Sanctuary is 100 acres of pure wilderness located in the Northland region in Russell. The area epitomises the iconic New Zealand image of empty beaches flooded with native birds and endemic trees that hug the shoreline.

Two families have camped on this land for the past 35 years. So it is more than just 100 acres of coastal property to them, it’s a place of nostalgia. Due to the families’ attachment and sentimental ties with the land, alongside their value for native trees, they’ve taken it upon themselves to protect and restore the sanctuary. Initially planting Pohutukawa around the beachfront area, they progressed to planting Kauri, Kowhai, Puriri and Kahikatea.

Activities, such as weed control, regeneration, pest control and planting of Karo, Manuka, Kanuka varieties, Flax and Pingao have also been completed in recent years. DOC, Project Crimson and Shade House Volunteer have supported these efforts, however, there is still more work to be done.

Mazda through Trees That Count is supporting the Te Pahii Sanctuary’s restoration by contributing an amazing 750 native trees. These are intended to be planted around a large freshwater swamp on the property. Not only is this increasing the count of natives on the land, it will also protect the Spotless Crake and Brown Teal that reside in the area and support these Northland families work towards restoring 100 acres of coastal property.