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Beachcare group's continuous effort to protect Dunedin Coastline

Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust is a Dunedin based community group that aims to protect and restore catchments, dunes and the picturesque beaches along the Otago Peninsula.

With a clear focus on preventing erosion and enhancing the areas’ biodiversity, this 30 person team take a hands on approach to environmental preservation. Each year the Trust completes four planting days and on top of this operate a nursery that produces around 4000 trees per year.

On the 5th of August 2018 the Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust planted 680 trees with aid from 47 volunteers. Through Trees That Count, with special support from Honda, the community group has been gifted 1000 trees.

Honda is contributing to the Trust’s next round of restoration work. The Trust's first planting day of 2019 is scheduled for the 12th of May. This will allow the team to continue to protect the long stretch of beaches of Dunedin, ensuring they remain in their beautiful natural state. In turn this work is increasing future generations chances of being able enjoy the breathtaking Otago Peninsula.