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300 natives to be planted on local's new regenerated land

David Perry owns a section of land in Tasman, top of the South Island. Over the past two years his focus has been on land regeneration, meaning efforts have been put towards clearing weeds, fencing, controlling grass and restricting grazing.

Now this preparation is done, David is eager to plant around the wetland region on the property. Growing out the pasture area and increasing the presence of natives in the gully are David’s next steps towards restoration. He hopes this will improve the quality of water in the wetlands and that this will also attract wildlife back to the area.

300 trees have been donated to David through Trees That Count’s marketplace. Z Energy along with 17 other supporters, have contributed to funding these native trees. This amazing initiative not only involves converting pastoral land to native forest but also aims to improve the habitat for endemic species. Imagine what New Zealand could achieve if everyone did their part, like David and his supporters.