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Pōhutukawa growing strong at Kariotahi Beach

Karioitahi Beach in Auckland will one day soon enjoy crimson blooms thanks to the ongoing planting of pōhutukawa along the coastline.

Private landowners on the coastline have worked to plant pōhutukawa over the last few years, and this year Trees That Count provided them with 150 more trees thanks to the generosity of Kiwis who have funded or gifted trees through our marketplace.

One of the landowners, Kevin, says his neighbour planted pōhutukawa several years back and told him to ‘plant some and be patient’, as they begin to bloom after five years.

So Kevin took this to heart and planted pōhutukawa throughout the coastline, up his valleys and along streams, using native grasses and flax to shield the young trees from the sea winds.

Each planting season he measures which trees are thriving from last season and uses that to inform where he will plant next. Kevin says he’s loving watching them grow, and he is excited to see the coastline filled with red blooms during summer.

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Trees That Count aims to create a national movement to plant millions of native trees to mitigate climate change. We're managed by the Project Crimson Trust in partnership with the Tindall Foundation.

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