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Z Energy and Camp Kiwi working to bring back kiwi

Trees That Count, Z Energy and Camp Kiwi are working together to regenerate native coastal forest and bring back the brown kiwi at a DOC site at Whangaruru North Head, Whangarei.

Camp Kiwi aims to give more New Zealanders and overseas visitors the opportunity to see kiwi in their natural environment of coastal forest in Whangarei.

Trees That Count matched funder Z Energy with this project, and over the last two years, they’ve funded 4,000 native trees towards increasing kiwi habitat throughout Whangaruru North Head.

This year’s planting day was held on Queen’s Birthday weekend, and despite the bad weather locals showed up throughout the weekend and some Camp Kiwi campers showed their generous spirit by pitching in to help when they saw the project kick off.

For more information about Camp Kiwi, the work they’re doing, and to help with the volunteer effort, check out their Facebook page.

Trees That Count is New Zealand’s only community marketplace connecting native-tree planters with funders.  The conservation charity counts the number of native trees being planted by groups, individuals and agencies throughout the country, and helps increase this number by encouraging donations from business, philanthropy and the public. 

By counting the native trees planted, we can measure the collective impact on climate change and improve the environment. Since its launch in 2016, more than 18 million native trees have been added to the count, and more than 150,000 native trees funded.

Join us today by funding or planting native trees!

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Trees That Count aims to create a national movement to plant millions of native trees to mitigate climate change. We're managed by the Project Crimson Trust in partnership with the Tindall Foundation.

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