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Kiwi freight company Tri-Star gives back to New Zealand

It’s no secret that international transport and freighting has an impact on the environment. But Tri-Star are leading the way in confronting that by helping to restore New Zealand’s native trees, starting with Christmas gifts that will grow.

Tri-Star Worldwide Logistics are a New Zealand owned company specialising in International freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution. They believe it’s their responsibility to make customers more aware of the carbon emissions associated with their international freight.

Tri-Star is starting this process at Christmas, by gifting 250 native trees on behalf of their customers, and next year they will be making ongoing contributions as environmental recovery for their customer's international transport emissions by funding native trees.

When customers choose freight options, a carbon calculator developed by Tri-Star will tell them what their international transport emissions will be, and they will be given the opportunity to fund native trees to help combat this. They’ll also help explain the numerous benefits of planting native trees, which General Manager Craig Abbott says is the best environmental recovery he can offer his customers.

“We chose to partner with Trees That Count because of our shared values and focus on environmental restoration. The visibility, measurement and integrity of what Trees that Count offer is the best platform for Tri-Star to make contributions of native trees on behalf of our customers. The outcomes are real and traceable, not just buried in another well-meaning fund,” says Craig.

And Tri-Star’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. Because their contributions are linked to their trade numbers, more native trees will be planted as their business grows.

At Trees That Count, we can’t wait to start this journey with Tri-Star and match their trees to community planting groups throughout the country.