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Kiwis filling up at Z will help plant thousands of native trees

Z Energy customers will help plant tens of thousands more native trees this year, simply by fuelling up at Z service stations on July 13. 

For 24 hours, Z will be donating six cents from every litre sold to Trees That Count, along with giving customers a discount of six cents per litre of fuel.

Z Chief Executive, Mike Bennetts, says the company is working with Trees that Count because of the direct impact trees have on absorbing carbon dioxide.

“Z is committed to leading the transition to a lower carbon future but every single Kiwi can do their bit if we are to limit the effects of climate change on our planet.

“Planting more trees is something everyone can support and it’s something customers have repeatedly told us they want us to do,” Mike said.

Trees That Count Project Director, Tanya Hart, is calling on Kiwis to unite on July 13 to make a difference to climate change in New Zealand by enabling the planting of native trees. 

“The funds raised at Z will support more community restoration projects nationally, resulting in thousands more trees in the ground this year. It will help Trees That Count towards its goal of planting 4.7 million native trees in 2017 – one for every New Zealander.”

“Our new partnership with Z goes deeper than the climate change agenda though - it’s about the vast array of benefits environmental conservation provides our country and about safeguarding it for future generations,” Tanya said.

“We encourage New Zealanders to help us boost the live native tree count being recorded at by fuelling up at Z on July 13.”

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Trees That Count aims to create a national movement to plant millions of native trees to mitigate climate change. We're managed by the Project Crimson Trust in partnership with the Tindall Foundation.

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