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Tauranga-based tech startup gives back to the environment

It’s a pretty big promise. Local software company, SwipedOn, who specialise in providing an online front desk experience and visitor management software, have made a strong environmental commitment, by partnering with Trees That Count, to plant a native tree for every new customer they get. And for a company with users in over 1,900 cities, that’s no small promise.

A Tauranga-based company, the team at SwipedOn is committed to supporting local. This year, they’ve funded 650 native trees for Trees That Count. Planting took place in August 2017 at Puketoki Reserve, 20 minutes from Tauranga. The reserve has been a popular local walking and picnic spot since 1926. The area has needed some help though. Pest and weed control, as well as further native planting in the 40 ha reserve. It was fantastic to have the SwipedOn team come and help the Wild About NZ volunteers to plant some of the trees they funded.

Ben Scott, SwipedOn co-founder said “it’s nice to be able to think that we can give back and restore a little bit of the flora and fauna and hopefully repair some of the waterways we have around our country. Over the years as this whole reserve kind of [sic] builds up we’ll be able to come back through here and see the trees that have grown and we’re really stoked to be kind of [sic] part of something like this.”

Wild About NZ know a thing or two about planting trees. Andrew Jenks, from Wild About NZ commented “these projects are fairly large and they take a lot of time and effort on the part of volunteers. Having a company that can support us through some sort of partnership arrangement is extremely beneficial. It really is superb.”

Learn more about SwipedOn here.

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Trees That Count aims to create a national movement to plant millions of native trees to mitigate climate change. We're managed by the Project Crimson Trust in partnership with the Tindall Foundation.

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