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We’ve Started Counting!

How many native trees are planted every year in NZ? Could we plant more for climate change?

The idea is to:

  • count the number of native trees planted annually in New Zealand
  • set annual targets to increase that number
  • motivate people and organisations to contribute financially and in kind
  • build community capability to support the achievement of the target

It is about planting trees that count – for climate change, biodiversity, and restoring and enhancing our natural environment.  We’re aiming for 184 million extra native trees in the ground, that’s 40 trees for every New Zealander and enough to negate New Zealand’s average annual increase in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990!

Help us get the count going

The first thing we want to do is establish how many native trees are being planted in New Zealand this year.  So far we have over 2.4 million trees pledged to be planted by organisations all over New Zealand. It’s not too late to help us increase this number and pledge your planting intentions for this year.