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Adele Fitzpatrick

Adele is Project Crimson's CEO, leading the team who work across Trees That Count and Project Crimson's other programmes of work.

Adele Fitzpatrick

Adele has a long history with Project Crimson, beginning with sponsoring the Trust when she was communications manager at Meridian Energy in 2005. 

In 2016 Adele became a Trustee of Project Crimson, and then stepped in as Chief Executive in 2018 to manage the process of securing funding from the 1 Billion Trees fund.  Her career history is as a strategic communicator and marketer, having developed strategies, creative campaigns, brands, digital channels and managed media and crisis communications. Specialist industries include electricity and tourism.

As a mountain biker and trail runner, New Zealand’s native forests are not only her profession, but also her playground.   She’s working her way through a long list of overseas adventures, having run the Great Wall of China marathon, been diving in the Philippines, Borneo, Niue, Israel, Egypt and Indonesia, mountain biking in Patagonia, Whistler, Italy and Bali and eaten (a lot of) goat’s cheese in France.  Diving the Galapagos Islands, the Maldives, Belize and Costa Rica are yet to come.

Adele and her black Labrador enjoy mucking about in her native-filled garden.  One of the joys of working for Project Crimson is she can talk a lot about her garden to her colleagues and they don’t get bored (much).

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