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Join us in planting millions more native trees

for climate change, for our communities and for our environment

We're a digital marketplace connecting native tree planters with funders.

There are currently native trees available to planters to apply for

We've been championing native tree planting for over 25 years

the tree count's at

There are heaps of ways you
can help grow the count

Since 2016, Kiwis have been growing our native tree count.

By counting the trees we all plant, we can measure our collective impact on climate change and improve our environment.  
Tree count
as they grow, these native trees will help to remove about tonnes of carbon from our atmosphere *
Tree count
for 2019
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Many hands make light work

How many native trees are we planting in New Zealand? Could we do more? With your help we can.

Trees That Count is building a movement to help New Zealand plant more native trees.

It's about counting how many native trees that you great Kiwis already plant each year, and helping to plant more.

Pledge your support

How our marketplace works

When people fund trees, we match those trees with planting groups to get more natives into the ground

Tree funders: - Individuals - Gifts - Business - Philanthropy - Nurseries donating trees --- Tree funders donate and go on leaderboard ---> Tree pool <--- Tree planter applies and if successful, receives trees. Tree funder is notified ---> Tree planters: - Community groups - Schools - Iwi - Rural - Large planting groups - Councils ---> Trees planted ---> Trees mapped ---> Trees monitored ---> Impact: healthier communities and a more beautiful New Zealand
Currently native trees available
for planters to apply for as at 24/04/2019 7:47 PM

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* Trees That Count's carbon estimation is based on the following assumptions:
  • One tonne of carbon means the equivalent of one tonne of carbon dioxide, expressed as tCO2e.
  • The method for calculating carbon sequestered is based on the MPI Look Up tables taken from areas of regenerating indigenous shrublands dominated by manuka/kanuka.
  • Estimated carbon sequestered over the first 50 years from the MPI Look Up table for indigenous species is 323.4 tCO2e per hectare.
  • Average plant density is 3000 stems per ha for Trees That Count registered trees, based on the majority of planting programmes.
  • Trees That Count will endeavour to update carbon estimates as carbon models and databases are improved, such as refinements underway by Tane’s Trees Trust.